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Why do all Construction Sites need to hire Security Guards?

10/11/2017 in Security

manned construction site security

Construction sites are rife with potential threats which could end up costing your business a hefty sum. While hiring round-the-clock site security may seem like a drastic measure, it will protect your business in the long-run. What, then, are the core benefits of hiring construction site security guards?

1. Deter Thieves and Vandals

In 2016 it was reported that the construction industry loses an average of £800 million per year as a consequence of theft and vandalism and the associated repair, replacement and insurance premium costs.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, construction sites have become a common target for opportunistic thieves, since the materials and equipment found there are often worth a significant amount of money. From metals, wood and plaster, right through to tools and expensive machinery; the costs of continually replacing these items could break the bank, particularly in the case of small firms.

Hiring a security guard will surely make criminals think twice before entering a site to steal or vandalise. And, if anything suspicious is seen, the guard can immediately report the incident to the relevant authorities.

2. Protect Site Workers

We are probably all aware that construction sites are high-risk environments in which accidents can easily occur. Hiring security guards who have undergone SIA training and who understand emergency procedures are, therefore, invaluable when health and safety are at risk. We recommend hiring someone who is also First Aid trained, as you never know when you might need them and they could end up saving a life.

3. Protect Against Fire

Most building sites tend not to have pre-installed fire safety systems, leaving it up to site workers to report on any fire hazards or incidents. However, qualified security guards must be trained in monitoring the site and evacuating workers in the case of an incident, while attempting to keep fire damage to a minimum.

4. Control Access

Construction sites are busy and staff across several different areas typically require access, often making it difficult to keep track of who is authorised to be there. Investing in dedicated site security staff to monitor and control who enters will minimise the risk of unauthorised persons gaining access to your construction site, thus reducing the likelihood of theft, vandalism or squatting.

5. Prevent and Resolve Conflict

With large numbers of workers on any given construction site, tensions and conflicts are bound to arise at some point. Site security staff who are SIA trained are obligated to understand how to effectively manage such problems. This includes reducing the risk of conflicts between site staff and, where they do arise, effectively implementing good communication and problem-solving strategies to resolve the issue.

6. Save Money

Theft, fire and vandalism can end up costing you an extremely large amount of money. A site security guard’s job is to reduce and prevent such risks from occurring, which is why hiring someone for this very reason may be one the smartest decisions you make for your construction business.


Make sure you do your research and discuss with your staff the level of security your site truly needs. For example, the hours of day security staff are required and how many people are necessary – for large construction sites, this could be several. It’s also important to only employ SIA security guards, as they are professionally trained and qualified.

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