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The 6 Most Heavily Secured Places in The World

22/12/2017 in Security

Managing and minimising security risks is as important as ever for your business, which is why investing in the right construction site security services is essential. If you know your assets are safe, you can get on with running your site with sound peace of mind.

Here we examine the six most heavily secure places in the world and how they go about protecting their valuable resources. Four of them are in America – who’d have guessed it?

1. Fort Knox

You simply can’t have a rundown of the world’s most tightly protected places without including Fort Knox on the list. This famous building is one of the most closely guarded on earth, being heavily protected 24/7 by armed security guards and a 22-tonne locked vault.

Why is it so heavily protected, I hear you ask? Well, this is where the United States keeps their bullion reserve, including around 5,000 tonnes of gold. It is so notoriously hard to enter that the door is lockable using a code combination which is entered by at least ten different members of staff, all who know only their part of the code. Moreover, the exterior of Fort Knox is guarded by tanks, helicopters, barbed fences and alarm systems.

2. Florence’s ADX Federal Prison

The Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colorado is known as America’s toughest federal prison and is the place which holds the world’s most dangerous criminals. This male-only maximum-security prison is so secure that 12 feet of razor-sharp barbed wire fencing, motion-detection lasers, attack dogs and 1,400 steel doors all exist to keep the inmates from escaping.

3. Area 51

You’ve probably heard of this one and are likely to link this location to UFO’s or other strange happenings – and whether you believe the conspiracy theories or not, there’s no denying that this place is somewhat fascinating.

Area 51 is a subsection of Edward’s Airforce base, located in the Nevada desert and has garnered such interest that there have been several attempted break-ins over the years. However, the place is heavily guarded by armed security, while motion sensors and barbed wire surround the whole perimeter to ward off unwanted intruders.

4. Federal Reserve Bank of New York

This is where the US keeps most of its wealth, so it’s inevitable that this place is nigh on impossible to enter. The US has 12 Federal Reserve banks in the country all of which have extreme levels of security, though none come close to the New York branch.

The place is so intensely secured that humans cannot even enter the reserve vaults. Instead, robots are used to move items to and from the vaults. Outside, a highly-skilled security team trained in arm-to-arm combat and expert shooting guard the surrounding area to keep visitors out.

5. Bahnhof Underground Data Centre

Possibly the coolest looking on our list and one which wouldn’t look entirely out of place in a James Bond film; the Bahnhof Underground Data Centre stores some of the world’s most sensitive digital information. Located 100ft underneath a mountain in Stockholm, Sweden and with its own submarines, artificial waterfalls and simulated daylight, this really is one of the most protected sites in the world. The site is so secure that it was built strong enough to subsist through the blast of a hydrogen bomb, thus making it the perfect haven to store top-secret data, including certain Wikileaks documents.

6. The Doomsday Seed Vault

This is a highly protected underground bunker with a very special purpose. Found in the extremely remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, the “Doomsday” Seed Vault contains crop seeds which could be used to reboot humankind in the case of worldwide famine or natural disaster. The vault sits deep below the arctic snow and is protected by reinforced concrete and steel which is designed to survive a direct nuclear attack, having recently withstood a magnitude 6.2 earthquake.