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The Benefits of Wireless Surveillance for Your Construction Business

05/01/2018 in Security

With trespassing, theft and vandalism of construction sites on the rise, many resourceful site owners are beginning to think about using smartphones or tablets to monitor their sites. Below we outline how it works and the various benefits of using wireless CCTV systems.

How Does It Work?

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV systems work by creating high-quality digital video streams which are sent directly through a computer network or cloud via WIFI or network cables. The team assigned to monitor the CCTV system can connect their smart devices to the IP system using an app, which allows them to view the live footage from the CCTV.

As such, monitoring your construction site has never been easier or more accessible. The people responsible for doing so can view the footage at any time from any location, simply through their mobile device – all you need is a strong WIFI connection or 4G.

Moreover, intelligently configured smartphone surveillance systems can be used to analyse live footage and send automatic notifications or alarms to the user when it spots something out-of-the-ordinary, such as a site trespasser. Once the user receives the notification, they can log into the system through the app and monitor the footage themselves, with the ability to zoom in and out to ascertain whether the potential security threat warrants action or not – amazing, right?

The Benefits

1). Cost-effective

Gone are the days where you’d have to hire someone to monitor your CCTV video 24/7 in order to safeguard your construction site out-of-hours. Now, thanks to smart technology, all you need to do is install the CCTV system and link it to your respective devices. This is far more cost-effective than traditional security measures, including manned site security guards and systems which require cables.

2). Time-saving and Convenient

As we mentioned above, the ability to monitor your site out-of-hours and from the comfort of your home makes smartphone surveillance systems a highly convenient, accessible service. Moreover, the automatic notification feature saves lots of valuable time and allows you to check your footage in real-time, as soon as a potential risk is perceived. If you deem the incident to be a false alarm, you can go back to sleep without further action. No more unnecessary treks to the construction site at ridiculous hours!

3). Flexible Deployment

Wireless IP systems are very useful in locations where it may be difficult or impossible to lay cables, which is often the case on busy or hazardous construction sites. Traditional CCTV cameras can be restricted in their placements, meaning parts of your site may be left completely unmonitored, thus leaving you open to potential security risks.

4). Added Protection

We might be stating the obvious here, but one of the biggest benefits of wireless CCTV is that there are no wires, not only making it easier to install, but also more secure. Therefore, if an intruder were to enter your construction site, then it wouldn’t be able to disable the smart system in the same way as they could with a traditional wired one. Likewise, they cannot easily destroy any video evidence which could exist against them, as once recorded, this is all backed up by that lovely thing we like to call The Cloud.

Wireless security systems that are connected to smart devices are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why; easy installation, cost-friendliness, flexibility and added security are just some of the reasons why many construction site owners are making the move to IP technology.