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How to Protect Against Fire Hazards on Construction Sites

15/02/2018 in Security

Fire safety should be a top priority for any business, but construction sites, in particular, are especially prone to fire hazards. The presence of flammable liquids, temporary electrical equipment and high rise wooden structures means that the risks present are plentiful.

It is every site manager’s duty to ensure that such threats are kept under control in order to effectively protect workers and the public. Injuries aside, fire damage can also prove to be financially devastating for many construction firms, causing delays in project timelines and severely impacting budgets.

What risks are present?

Fires can start from countless different sources, on construction sites of any size. The abundant presence of wiring, extension cords and flammable materials, coupled with Britain’s reputation for unpredictable weather, means the likelihood of an unexpected fire starting is rather high.

Careless smoking is also a leading cause of fires, so it is a good idea to introduce a policy in which those with site access are prohibited from smoking on-site. As such, preventing unauthorised access is essential to avoid putting people at risk.

One increasingly common risk on construction sites is arson, of which there has been a rise in these types of crimes over the last few years. The presence of security is therefore vital in helping to stop such occurrences. Moreover, the management of waste is recommended, since the ready availability of combustible materials can make it easy for arsonists to strike.

Construction site fire alarms

To help mitigate the risks of damage and to ensure staff are kept safe, the installation of site-wide fire alarms is necessary. Millennium Security installs state-of-the-art wireless fire alarms, which provides a simple, cost-effective solution to properly protect against fire damage.

These alarms detect both heat and smoke and are radio-linked so that they can be monitored at all hours for complete peace of mind, even when the site is closed.

Other ways to protect your site from fire

While fire alarms for construction sites are indispensable, we also recommend deploying other security measures in order to provide maximum protection.

Both access control systems and SIA-accredited manned guards are noteworthy ways to prevent unauthorised people from entering your site and accidentally or purposely causing fires.

Wireless CCTV systems which operate 24/7 can also help in deterring would-be arsonists from entering your premises, whilst also quickly alerting those responsible when an intruder has gained access.

That being said, general common sense, comprehensive staff training and properly following set health and safety standards all goes a long way in helping to prevent potential fire risks on construction sites.