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Making the Most of Your Site Security Guards

23/04/2018 in Security

Hiring manned security to safeguard your construction site, warehouse, factory or vacant property is a smart way to ensure trespassers and criminals do not gain unauthorised access, adding an extra layer of protection alongside other security measures such as wireless CCTV systems and access control.

However, investing in manned guarding is only worthwhile if the people hired are professional and working to their full potential. Read more for our top tips on how to make the most of your site security guards.

Check accreditations

In order to work as a security guard on construction sites, all persons must go through specific training to become SIA certified. To make sure the person you’re hiring has the right professional qualifications and experience, it is vital to check their accreditations are up-to-date and legitimate before allowing them to work on your site.

Hiring an unlicensed employee is not only an offence, but it also opens your business up to potential security threats, such as employee theft and damage, thus defeating the whole purpose of hiring a guard in the first place.

On-Site Training

All sites are different and will pose new challenges for security staff, no matter how long they have been working in the business. A guard who is well-equipped and properly prepared is a guard who will be able to work to their best potential. As such, in order to improve the service you are getting, you need to make sure proper onsite training and orientation are provided so that security staff know what to expect while guarding your site.

Perform site inspections

Stopping by your construction site spontaneously, outside of typical business hours, is a smart way to discover how your security guards act and operate when their supervisors aren’t around. You can question the guards about what has been happing onsite and their particular duties, making sure they understand their jobs and are working in a professional manner, to the benefit of your company.

Choose a quality provider

Perhaps the most important aspect of attaining quality guards is to go through a well-respected, approved security provider, which holds all the relevant industry accreditations. The best companies out there will ensure their hiring process is rigorous and only highly trained, fully SIA-licensed security guards are deployed.

Millennium Security guarantees that all security guards provided must have been vetted for a minimum of 10 years, as well as thorough identification and employment gap checks.

It’s also a great idea to meet frequently with your security guard provider, which creates a simple but effective way of giving feedback on the guard’s performance and working together with the provider to improve the overall service you are receiving.