How Remote Monitoring Stops Crime

03/05/2018 in Security

While construction site CCTV surely has its many advantages, one main concern is that the reviewing of captured footage normally takes place after a crime has already occurred. Remote monitoring, on the other hand, is a contemporary security measure used primarily to prevent crime from happening. It is, therefore, reactive in nature, meaning site owners are alerted as soon as any suspicious or problematic activity is detected by the system.

The system works 24/7, as it is monitored by a dedicated security centre. Read one to understand the several ways in which remote monitoring helps in preventing crime.

Rapid response

Intelligent remote monitoring systems which are configured to work hand-in-hand alongside your CCTV work by analysing live footage and will send out automatic alarms or notifications when something strange is captured, such as site trespassers.

While security personnel monitoring the footage won’t necessarily always be able to detect whether people seen by the CCTV are innocent members of the public or potential threats, they are trained to proactively trigger an alert when they notice something odd.

The whole point of this type of constant surveillance is that reaction from operators is quick and swift action can be taken to prevent crimes such as theft, arson or damage from taking place.

Acts as a deterrent

What do you think is the biggest deterrent to would-be offenders? Well, according to a panel of former criminals, the presence of CCTV cameras is the number one factor which prevents people from committing a crime. As such, remote monitoring via your construction site CCTV is the best way to stop a crime from taking place.

It may not always be plausible to display the actual cameras, particularly if it is a wireless CCTV camera. Instead, ensuring there are prominent warning signs which unambiguously lets intruders know that they are being monitored is normally enough to stop many trespassers in their tracks.

Moreover, there are now many remote monitoring systems which are high-tech enough to issue audio warnings to intruders, letting them know that they have already been spotted, adding yet another layer of protection.

Spot repeat intruders

On some occasions, the more determined trespassers have been known to visit a construction site on several instances to assess whether it’s safe to carry out a crime. In such situations, remote monitoring is essential, as operators are on-hand to recognise the repeat intruder and issue the relevant warnings before anything unsavoury can occur.

Remote Monitoring for construction sites

This is a preventative measure used to offer constant surveillance and an immediate response to potential threats. It is one of the newest and most cost-effective measures for averting crime on a construction site at all hours.

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