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What Should Your Construction Site Security Plan Include?

22/05/2018 in Security


Construction sites are a haven of expensive tools and materials such as copper wiring and titanium sheets that many criminally minded people would love to get their hands on to sell for good money. Therefore, if you do not have the proper precautions on your construction site, you will find that you will end up losing out on money unnecessarily. This is why you need to create a construction site security plan to help protect your property from thieves, vandals and trespassers.


As the construction sites themselves are normally large open spaces that are not well lit during the darkness of night, thieves normally see this as their best chance to take advantage and try and get some free materials. By mounting some extra lighting to the site near the entrances, expensive materials and machinery, you can very simply deter thieves. By having strong lighting that illuminates all hiding places in the area, you will stop criminals from seeing your site as a target. You could even think about installing motion-activated cameras when movement is detected to save money on lighting.


Taking control of the edge of your site is one of the most useful, yet under-utilised ways to prevent theft in your construction site. Fences on the perimeter of a construction site can generally be inexpensive and, therefore, an economical way to prevent theft. Even the sight of a fence lets people know that the area within is off-limits. Although a fence itself will not stop people who are intent on trying to steal, you will have to think about investing in additional traditional physical locks or even a digital access control system.


Security guard hiring is, of course, one of the most expensive construction site theft deterrent solutions, but they are almost always the best way to make sure all of your on-site materials and machinery stay safe. On-site security guard hiring can be extremely useful. Although, it is useful to keep in mind that they can only be in one place at a time and can get easily distracted, or even get hurt. Depending on how much the equipment in your construction site is worth, it may be economical to pay a security guards wage rather than lose thousands of pounds worth of equipment.

Video Surveillance

Out-dated video security is outside security cameras that record everything that goes on in a construction site. The drawback of these cameras is that they cannot prevent theft or criminal destruction on their own. It is likely that the only use you will have for security footage is to serve as evidence after the theft has occurred. Remote video surveillance is a modern alternative to this problem. Trained construction site security operators watch a construction site through remote video surveillance. If they witness distrustful activity occur on the construction site, the security operator can activate a speaker warning to the thieves who are trying to steal or vandalise the site. If the situation escalates, the operator can call the police.

If you are worried about losing equipment on your construction site, it is imperative you create a construction site security plan and utilise all of the points above to make sure that your site is as safe as it can possibly be.