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Construction Site Security Mistakes that Must be Avoided

02/07/2018 in Security

Construction site security is a complex job that requires a lot of thought and deliberation before being implemented. One of the biggest problems that construction site security faces is complacency, security managers can sometimes overlook elements of risk that can eventually lead to thousands of pounds worth of materials being stolen. Mistakes like this are often discovered too late and are easily prevented. To avoid your construction site from becoming an easy target for thieves and burglars, read our list of top construction security mistakes that must be avoided.

Failing to impose ID requirements

Whether you are working on an industrial or residential site, it should be your main priority to make sure that ID and badge checks are enforced properly. These two types of identification can be extremely effective in regards to controlling who has access to the construction site and even be the difference between a secure site and masses of stolen equipment. You may feel tempted to allow managers on to the premises who have forgotten their ID, but you need to resist the urge and enforce the rules, or you will be undermining the integrity of the programme you are trying to implement.

Not securing all entrances and exits

It should come as no surprise that lots of buildings have more than one entrance and/or exit. Although, it is often the case that these entryways are not secure at all times which is a huge security risk. All doors that act as an entrance or exit should be fitted with extra security cameras and monitoring apparatus. It is imperative that you invest in top of the range, reliable security equipment instead of cheap, defective junk.

Not protecting important areas

Being able to secure the entire site is extremely important when it comes to construction site security. Although, it is important to remember that there are places inside the site itself that will need to be just as secure as the perimeter of the site. Computer servers or places with highly important documents are going to be a top priority when securing the inside of your construction site. Not everyone feels it is necessary to secure rooms if they feel they have done a good enough job securing their construction site but this will be putting confidential information at risk. One of the best ways to secure a room that contains classified information is by installing a biometric access control system alongside a security video system.

Concentrating on aesthetics and not security

When it comes to implementing security on the construction site itself, you need to make sure the focus is on making sure that the site is secure rather than worrying about whether the building is aesthetically pleasing or not. Many people will choose looks over security if they feel that installing wireless CCTV systems will look odd or unpleasing. Cameras are not just for observation but are there also to deter criminal behaviour, installing them is a necessity.

Installing security systems your team doesn’t understand

Security systems that cost a large amount of money are a significant investment. It is imperative to make sure that all security guards and team members are able to fully utilise the equipment available to them as it is useless without everybody’s full knowledge of how it works. All security personnel should be fully trained on all of the systems being used at the time as criminals will be able to take advantage of the team’s ignorance.