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What End-to-end Services Should Security Providers Include?

02/08/2018 in Security

Any high-quality security provider will be happy to deliver a full, end-to-end service which ensures all your needs are met, from start to finish. We outline the core points of each, including an initial site survey, installation, training, maintenance and decommissioning.

  1. Site Survey

Before security measures on a construction site can be commissioned, providers will need to know exactly how a site is laid out and organised, its size and where the potential security threats lie.

As such, at the beginning of every security installation project, an initial on-site survey must be carried out by a specialist security provider, who should carry out a risk assessment to determine what and where the threats are, as well as the specific measures needed to prevent them from occurring.

Millennium Security offers an initial no-obligation site survey which is tailored to your particular needs and results in a bespoke plan of action going forward.

  1. Installation

After you have decided which security measures are required for your construction site, the obvious next step is to undergo site-wide installation.

It is very important to only have your security systems fitted by an accredited provider, as this is a sure fire way to tell if an individual or business is trustworthy, of good quality and adheres to industry-wide quality and health and safety regulations. There are several industry credentials that good providers will possess, including ISO 9001, SSAIB and SIA licensed guards, amongst others.

While it is not legally required for security providers to be SSAIB certified, there are many unqualified suppliers out there who can sell you security services, but this can put your business and staff at risk and is absolutely advised against.

  1. Training

There is no point investing in site-wide security solutions unless staff working on site are fully aware of how to use them or what to do in the case of an emergency. Modern wireless video detection and access control systems, while easy to use, will still require some basic training and this can be carried out by your security provider during an introductory session for key site staff.

  1. Maintenance

In order to remain effective and in good working order, your security systems need to undergo regular maintenance checks. Your end-to-end security provider should offer this service as part of their package, ensuring that the solutions you are paying for continue to do their job of protecting your site from theft, vandalism and arson.

It is, therefore, a good idea during the initial installation period, to determine that your security systems are set up in a way in which they are easily accessible to maintenance engineers, whose task it is to carry out frequent repair work.

  1. Decommissioning

All construction projects will come to an end at some point, in which case you may no longer require the security services you have had installed. As part of a full-service package, any respectable provider will also include decommissioning work, in which services are properly uninstalled.

Again, it is important to not attempt this yourself and only seek help from your accredited provider, who will have steps in place to guarantee that decommissioning is carried out safely.