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How to Get Security Right Through Each Phase of Construction

26/02/2019 in Security

Theft and vandalism are one of the biggest reasons that construction sites in the UK lose money and they can considerably increase your projects time until completion. Providing sufficient security for construction sites can be a tough task, the construction site itself is continually changing and you have to, therefore, adapt the type of security you are using in order to make sure that everything within the site is as safe as it can possibly be. As the construction site grows, it will also increase value, making it a more profitable target for potential robbers.

If you would like to find out how to get your security right through each and every phase of the construction, read on.

Foundation Phase

This part of the project has the least amount of people involved, as the foundations are laid during the first phase of the project. As laying the foundation doesn’t really need many expensive materials or pieces of equipment, security will not have to be as stringent as it will have to be later on in the other phases of construction.

The best security techniques to implement at this stage is tall fencing which clearly marks off your construction site as a no-entry zone to all people not authorised to be on the construction site and a walk-in gate for personnel and sliding gates for vehicles.

Structural Phase

During this phase, different specialists are involved in the construction of the buildings once the concrete carcass has been put down. The amount of authorised personnel can be quite hard to monitor at this point as there are going to be a lot of people unaware of who is allowed into the construction sites, which means unauthorised peoples will be able to gain access to the site if there are no protections put in place. Access control systems will be able to prevent unwanted visitors into the site by only allowing people in with the correct identification and equipment, such as hand-held transmitters, automated passes or fingerprint controls.

It is also essential to make sure that your site is also as well protected at night as it is during the day, wireless CCTV cameras and sturdy fencing will be able to prevent people from coming in, but also catch the people who may manage to find their way on the site.

Final Phase

This is the most important time of construction, and also the time when the most amount of expensive equipment is on the site at one time. It is imperative that you have good security during the final phase of construction. The security that was on the fences to protect the outside of the site can now be moved inside in order to capture any unwanted activity taking place within the building.

You will also be able to use sensors within the building in order to catch unwanted personnel if someone enters the building after work; an automatic report is generated so the project manager or police can take action.