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What To Do When There is a Fire on Your Construction Site

16/04/2019 in Security

The construction industry has to deal with a variety of hazards, whether it be dangerous machinery, falling objects or working at height. Many construction sites may also be at greater risk of fire, particularly where flammable substances or temporary electrical equipment is present.

As such, fire safety is one of the most important factors to consider on any construction site or building that is undergoing refurbishment. When a fire is uncontrollable, people can be seriously injured or killed and property can be destroyed. This is particularly true where the correct fire safety prevention tactics and procedures have not been implemented.

Continue reading to understand exactly what to do in the case of a fire taking place on your construction site.


1. Pull the fire alarm

As soon as a fire is discovered, the staff working on the construction site should be aware that they must run to the nearest construction site fire alarm and set it off, in order to warn others that there is an uncontrolled fire within the premises. It is imperative that everyone is aware of the protocol so that all people on-site can make their way to the designated safety areas.


2. Evacuate the construction site

Once the fire alarm has been set-off, everyone onsite should carefully make their way to the designated safety areas, whilst ensuring that doorways, corridors and egress paths are kept clear and free from obstruction. This is important, as it helps safeguard against people being unable to escape the fire. Moreover, it is good practice to gently touch doors and door handles for signs of heat, before entering a room or corridor, in case there is a fire danger on the other side.


3. Stay low to the ground

If smoke is visible, all staff should stay low to the ground to reduce smoke inhalation. Smoke rises, so standing upright will mean you are breathing in the smoke, which in serious circumstances, could lead to suffocation.


4. Call and report the fire

Once you are safely away from any danger, call your report contact, as well as the fire brigade, in order to inform them of the fire. Employees who act quickly enough will be able to prevent damage if they are able to get qualified people to control the fire onsite as quickly as possible.

5. Go to your designated safety areas

Once all of these steps have been taken, all employees should go to their designated safety areas and wait for further instructions from emergency personnel.

It is important to make sure all of your employees know the fire safety procedure and what they should be doing in case of a fire. Educate and train your employees from the get-go so that you know you can trust them to do the right thing in this situation.

Never assume that a ringing fire alarm is a test and never waste time collecting personal items. You could end up getting caught in a fire and be seriously injured or even killed. Make sure all of your employees know about these precautions, in order to save as many lives as possible. To learn more about site fire alarms contact us today for a non-obligatory site. audit.