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Security Solution Standards to Look out For

01/07/2019 in Security

Quality standards are important indicators on security equipment to ensure that you minimise risk, reduce insurance premiums and stay compliant with industry regulations and the law. British and European standards are vital factors to consider when selecting security solutions and products for your construction site, as they dictate whether the selected products meet the required levels of quality, functionality – and if applicable, resistance.

Read on to get insight into some of the most common standards associated with security measures, which will give you the knowledge to know exactly what to look out for when buying security solutions.

CCTV Standards


The most widely suggested standard for CCTV is BS-EN-62676; it gives the minimum requirement and recommendations for CCTV cameras when used as a security measure. The standard states the minimum performance and functionality of CCTV, and at its core, it aims to govern the quality of the CCTV features.

These features include:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Effortless playback of data
  • Straightforward process to export recordings

This standard also applies when CCTV has been integrated into other security solutions, such as intruder alarms. BS-EN-62676 incorporates sub-standards that refer to additional features including the process of exchange of information between analogue devices, and the connectivity of the network and recordings.


Another standard associated with CCTV is BS8418; it covers the installation and remote monitoring of CCTV systems. It states that these systems must have the ability to obtain a response from the appropriate authority (i.e. police) once an incident has been confirmed through the appropriate monitoring measures.

Access Control System Standards

BS EN 50133-1:1997

This standard specifies general conditions for automated access control systems and includes requirements for:

  • The functions of the system
  • The environmental and electromagnetic compatibility conditions
  • The communication of the system with sensors and alarms

If the access control system integrates with another security system (i.e. intruder alarm) that part of the system will also fall under the same standard requirements. If your site has multiple access point, this standard addresses the security application for each of them.

Another part of this standard includes correctly defining the recognition class for each type of access user. As the levels of confidence vary and access to the site may be different for each identified user, the standard outlines that this type of differentiation must be defined.

NCP 109

 NCP 109 is a code of practice for access control systems. It is the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) code of practice to act as a guideline for the design, installation and maintenance process of access control systems. This code of practice is a pending provisional publication of a suitable British Standard.

Lock standards

BS 3621

This is the most common standard applying to locks on doors and windows. It stipulates that locks that comply with this standard must:

  • Resist compromise by drilling with regular tools for up to 5 minutes
  • Incorporate anti-lock picking features
  • Must be a minimum of 20mm of which the bolt must protect into a steel keep that is full-bodied.

It is crucial that the security products you select for your construction sites follow the industry standards and have been certified, accredited and tested to the latest European and British Standards. Additional symbols that demonstrate that the product is reliable and safe to use include the CE Mark and the BSI Kitemark symbol, which are important indicators that show that products meet the specific requirements.

At Millennium Security, we focus on providing you with quality products that maintain a high standard and reach industry requirements. We have a vast range of security credentials, so rest assured that our products are British and EU standard compliant. Visit our website to explore our range of security solutions for your construction site or schedule a call on 01234 825 522 with one of our advisors.

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