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5 Useful Tips for Hiring Professional Construction Site Security

08/04/2022 in Security

Without appropriate security measures in place, construction sites can be easy targets for theft and vandalism. Nevertheless, securing a construction site is simple with the help of hired site security.

The recent soaring costs of materials and tools have made construction sites both a more appealing target for crime and more vulnerable as projects are put on hold as teams struggle to get everything together, leaving the site an easy catch in the eyes of thieves. In 2020, the cost of theft and vandalism to the UK construction industry was estimated to be over £800 million.

Being aware of and understanding the risk to a construction site is the first step in managing the site’s security. Building site security is an essential money-saving step and absolutely necessary in order to avoid production delays as much as possible.

At Millennium Security, we provide bespoke construction site security solutions for your site requirements, from controlling access to the site to fire detection systems. But in case deciding where to start when hiring construction site security feels too overwhelming, here are our top 5 tips to ensure your building site security is as comprehensive as possible.

Control access

Whether through card access control systems, biometric systems, or simply by having just one access point to the site, it is incredibly important to monitor who has access to the site. A combination of secure access control systems such as our fingerprint technology systems and limiting access points is ideal in securing a construction site. Additionally, these more modern systems will provide smart data, allowing you to manage your workforce and monitor entry to the site with ease.

Invest in construction site CCTV or Wireless Video Monitoring

CCTV acts as both surveillance and a deterrent for criminals, but also offers peace of mind with 24-hour constant monitoring. With our CCTV, footage is available remotely, giving you the power to check in on the site even out of work hours if you’re concerned. Footage can also be used as clear evidence if necessary.

It’s possible to install construction site CCTV cameras strategically site-wide to avoid blind spots, and they can be used effectively alongside Wireless Video Monitoring systems, which catch events in real time and send an alert to the police and a SIA licensed security guard. There will be a rapid response to arrest the intruder, and you will receive a detailed report. The system also includes a siren and strobe lights to further deter intruders, and infrared technology allows the cameras to function in complete darkness.

Find out more about our state-of-the-art video monitoring options and our end-to-end service of both video monitoring and CCTV.

Opt for highly trained, on-site security guards

Just like CCTV, construction site security guards act as a visual deterrent against theft and vandalism. Having on-site guards also means increased communication with the site, allowing you to keep a closer eye on the site’s security even from afar.

To maximise the security of your site, it is essential to make sure your guards are highly trained and with up-to-date accreditations — something we can help you with as a leading UK provider of SIA licensed guards.

Increase staff awareness

Encouraging those onsite to be aware of intruders or malicious behaviour will help them to help you in securing your construction site. It may be beneficial to have designated personnel for key use protocols, locking away and security marking of equipment and materials and other operational security roles. When investing in construction site security systems, it is important to make sure everyone involved is on board with your efforts.

Ensure a good level of physical security

Aside from technological security measures, physical adjustments can be made to the site to optimise the efficacy of your hired construction site security. Installations such as high fencing and barriers — it is recommended that these are at least 2.4m high when securing a construction site. Sites should have lockable storage to ensure the security of materials and equipment left onsite, and all access points should also be able to be locked. Security lighting can also act as a deterrent to intruders.