A Guide to Empty Property Security

27/06/2022 in Security

From patrolling the perimeter to installing surveillance cameras, keeping an empty construction site secure can be a challenge. However, with the right guidance, it is easy to choose the best security solutions for your site.

Vacant commercial properties are becoming increasingly common, as many businesses operate remotely or on a hybrid working basis. Empty properties can be easy targets for unauthorised visitors such as vandals and trespassers.

Criminal damage to vacant property can be the cause of significant financial losses and much frustration for any business.

There are many ways to manage empty property security, depending on the type of property and the level of security required. Simple security solutions such as wireless video detection and site access control systems can help you protect and monitor your assets cost-effectively.

This guide will assess the most significant risks for empty commercial properties and outline the best empty property security solutions.

Read on for an overview of the options available to help business owners secure empty property. Make sure you make the best decision for your business.

Why Should I Secure Empty Property?

Even when empty, your commercial property is still a valuable asset. An unguarded, empty property which attracts criminal activity is a liability for your business.

Investing in vacant property security means that your property is less likely to cause issues in the local community, and more likely to sell or be reoccupied. Additionally, a secure property is less likely to incur insurance risks.


What Are The Threats Posed To Empty Commercial Properties?

There are various risks posed to empty commercial properties. Below are some of the most common threats to property without proper empty property security.



Fly-tipping refers to the illegal dumping of waste on a site. When a commercial property remains empty, it can become a target for fly-tipping. Although it may not seem like a major crime, fly-tipping can present a number of problems for commercial property owners.

Waste left onsite makes the premises look untidy and, more significantly, attracts vermin and creates health hazards. Residents and other property owners in the area may complain about fly-tipping, causing tension for your business.



Squatting is often considered a victimless crime. However, for commercial property owners, it can cause significant issues.

When squatters take up residence in an empty building, they risk injuring themselves, putting the property owner at risk of liability. Additionally, squatters can damage the property and make it difficult for the rightful owner to sell or lease it.

Squatting can even lead to increased crime in the area, as squatters often engage in criminal activity to support themselves.



The risk of theft is significantly increased on an empty commercial property. Without security personnel or CCTV cameras, burglars have free rein to break in and steal property.

Additionally, there is often little incentive for police to investigate break-ins at empty properties. This means that thieves can target these buildings with relative impunity.



Vandalism is always a concern for property owners, but it can be especially problematic for those who own commercial property that is vacant or underutilised.

One reason for this is that vandals often see empty properties as an easy target. Without any occupants to deter them, they may feel free to break windows, spray graffiti, or commit other acts of vandalism with little fear of being caught.


How can I protect my property against criminal damage?

There are various methods businesses can use to protect their properties against damage. Below are some of the most effective for empty commercial property owners.


Security guards

Hiring manned security guards is one of the best ways to deter criminals and prevent them from causing damage to your property.

Security guards can patrol your property, deter potential criminals with their presence, and quickly respond if they see any suspicious activity. They are also a visible deterrent for would-be criminals.

In addition, licensed security guards can work according to your own personalised site security plan, which can include alarm systems and secure entry points, ensuring that your property’s security is comprehensive and seamless.



A well-designed site CCTV system can be a powerful deterrent, making would-be criminals think twice before targeting your property.

In addition, rapid deployment CCTV footage can be quickly installed and used to identify and prosecute those who do commit crimes against your property.


Wireless video detection

Wireless video detection systems are designed to detect intruders on your property and send an alert to the police or security company.

They can also be configured to record video footage of the intruder, which can be used as evidence of a break-in or vandalism.

Wireless video detection systems are a cost-effective empty property security solution. They can be used instead of or as well as CCTV to ensure your site is as secure as possible.


Access control systems

Access control systems are an effective property security method, since they limit access to authorised personnel only, preventing criminals from gaining entry to your property.

They also allow you to see who has entered and at what time, making access management much easier. If you need an even more secure system, biometric access control systems provide more peace of mind.

By using fingerprint or iris recognition, these systems can prevent unauthorised access to your property. This means that you can rest assured that only authorised personnel will be able to enter the premises.


How can Millennium Security help me keep my empty property secure?

As the risks of owning an empty commercial property increase, it is vital to take steps to protect your investment. By taking precautions such as hiring security guards and installing CCTV, you can help deter criminals and prevent them from damaging your property.

At Millennium Security, we provide comprehensive empty property security solutions that can help you deter criminals and keep your property safe.

We offer a variety of services, including SIA licensed security guards, high-quality CCTV systems and a range of access control systems. With the help of our expert team, our complete, end-to-end service will ensure that your commercial property is secure and protected.

Contact Us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation.