Ensure a Secure Christmas Season

07/09/2023 in Security

Theft and criminal activity can be more prevalent during the Christmas period. Christmas can bring its own security challenges to construction sites, making sites more susceptible to theft, arson and vandalism, especially as the dark winter nights set in.
During Christmas there can be a reduced workforce due to Christmas holidays, with everyone in the trade taking a well earned break over the festive period, in turn leaving construction sites vacant for an extended length of time.
Construction sites have valuable equipment and materials on site, typically housing machinery and tools. Which can be a target for thieves as security measures relax over Christmas.

Theft of equipment and materials can not only increase insurance premiums if you make a claim but also disrupts and delays the timeframe and schedule of the project at hand. It can create a knock on effect of financial strain on the business, including the expense of hiring new equipment. Theft, arson and vandalism during the Christmas season is an unfortunate reality for many trades. Being vigilant and proactive by taking security measures and minimise the risk of being a victim of theft, arson and vandalism this Christmas.

A secure construction site not only protects valuable assets and equipment belonging to your business but contributes to projects proceeding to run smoothly and successfully.

3 Steps to Increasing your Security:

1. Illuminate the site: If you can’t afford to hire floodlights or expensive lighting systems, then a few spotlights with motion sensors in targeted areas will make a difference as a deterrent. In addition, given they will only be activated when there is a trespasser, they’ll save energy and ultimately costs. These spotlights can also be incorporated into Millennium’s Wireless Intruder Detection Camera Systems. Follow the link to find out more about wireless video detection Millennium Security offer: https://www.millenniumsecurity.co.uk/service/wireless-video-detection

2. Bolstering security around access points: Perimeter protection such as Hoarding rather than Heras fencing will assist in limiting trespassing. Deploying cameras around the perimeter will act as a major deterrent and will of course also assist in any insurance claims after a break in. Then there’s the option to use screens for windows and doors, which again deters the intruder by making it just that bit harder, as well as slowing them down (if your sites are monitored). Also adding visible obstacles such as padlocks, Digi locks, physical barriers, sirens, rapid deployment towers and signs warning CCTV is in operation will all help deter the trespasser. Follow the link to find out more about the Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers that Millennium security.https://www.millenniumsecurity.co.uk/service/rapid-deployment-cctv-towers

3. Monitoring your sites: Good neighbours count for a lot. Same goes for the construction industry or vacant properties: If you have a site in a residential area, why not pass on contact details for emergencies? Naturally, when it comes to the early hours of the morning, the neighbourhood watch may not be available. So, 24/7 monitoring through camera systems or manned guarding is still the optimal choice. Follow the link to find out more: https://www.millenniumsecurity.co.uk/service/manned-security Investing in security measures such as immobilisers and tracking systems is also very effective.

Book a free no-obligation survey today and one of our dedicated Account Managers will identify your requirements for a bespoke security proposal.

Millennium Security are running a number of Christmas offers you can avail of to protect your construction site. They are currently running three one off payment offers, providing cover over the extended Christmas holiday.

£749 for their mains powered Rapid Deployment Tower, £899 for their solar powered Rapid Deployment Tower and £800 for their wireless intruder detection camera system which is ideal for perimeter coverage and blind spots.

These one-off prices include rental, install, call outs and keyholding and cover your site for a maximum term of 11th December 2023 to 8th January 2024.

These options are substantially more cost effective than static guards. If you wish to extend the system and services provided beyond 8th January, simply call our team.

If sites are struggling to invest in security measures, one may argue they would be able to afford theft or vandalism even less.

Contact Millennium Security today to ensure the safety and security of your business this Christmas.