Construction Site Access Control

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How do access control systems help you manage your workforce?

A key challenge for any construction site is the management of its personnel. Throughout a development project, there is a constant flow of workmen and, as different skills, materials and equipment are required, it can be a complicated aspect to manage. It is, therefore, crucial to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. This is especially so if you are overseeing multiple construction sites.

Forget time-consuming visual card checks and paper-based systems. At Millennium Security, we offer state-of-the-art access control systems that allow you to identify and authorise accredited workers onto your construction site, giving you instant visibility over your site operations.

Modern access control systems can also provide smart data, such as when workers arrived on the site and how long they stayed for, making workforce management and employee monitoring easier than ever before.

What are the other benefits of construction site access control?

Access control offers a cost-effective and secure addition to manned guards and other security measures, allowing your construction site to stay monitored and protected 24/7. This is important, considering the number of high-value tools, equipment and materials found on a typical site, which makes them a prime target for opportunistic thieves or vandals. Much like construction site CCTV, access control points can prove to be a powerful visual deterrent, helping to prevent crime and dissuade other types of trespassers from entering.

Moreover, health and safety issues can arise when a site is not secured correctly, as people without the right training could enter, increasing the chances of accidents taking place. Access control, however, prevents unauthorised access and thus makes health and safety reporting easier, as all construction sites must comply with industry-wide standards.

Regulating entry is essential in helping to ensure a safe and secure place for everyone working on the project. Check out our blog on GDPR access control for more information about regulations.

How does access control work with CSCS SmartCards?

Most contractors will require construction site workers to hold a valid CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card before being able to work on any construction site. Our access control systems work seamlessly with the CSCS SmartCards, to automatically validate a worker’s identity, saving you time and money. CSCS cards are a simple way to tackle fraud and verify that workers hold the correct qualifications and training for their job before they are even allowed on site.

An added advantage of the CSCS card is that operatives are automatically locked out of a site if their cards are fake or their accreditations have expired, delivering complete peace of mind and ensuring that only trained, qualified people can gain entry to the site.

For genuine workers, credential expiration alerts can be sent by text and/or email so that they are able to renew their cards in good time.

What is biometric access control and how does it provide accurate and efficient security?

Biometric access control systems contain a biometric reader or a scanning device to identify a person’s individual physical characteristics, to verify whether they are authorised to enter. Biometric readers are generally much more secure than other types of access control, as they are more resistant to fraud and counterfeiting, and do not leave room for human error, making it exceedingly difficult to gain access without the right characteristics.

Millennium Security can install a biometric access control system on any construction site in the UK. Using biometric fingerprint technology will enable your Site Managers to monitor how many workers are on site at any given time. They can, therefore, promptly allow or restrict site access and project deliverables can be achieved in a timely manner. Full reporting is also available with timesheet analysis and management reports.

Our security experts can either build your biometric access control system into your site or provide a stand-alone container.

We offer a dedicated nationwide service

Our user-friendly, secure biometric site access systems for construction sites are available throughout the UK and can be installed quickly and with no fuss.

Simply contact us to arrange a bespoke site survey by one of our dedicated consultants. They will seek to understand your challenges and security requirements and will oversee the delivery, installation and training of our access control security systems. In fact, we are here for you every step of the way, whether through regular maintenance checks by a Millennium Security engineer or even undertaking the decommissioning of the service.

Millennium Security is a leading UK provider of construction site security solutions, including biometric access controladvanced CCTV systems and other wireless technology. To protect your construction site from avoidable risks, contact us on 01234 825 522 for more information, or fill out the contact form to book a bespoke, no-obligation site survey.