Wireless Video Detection

Wireless Construction Site Security

Wireless video cameras alert the police to a crime in action for a priority response to apprehend intruders. The cost is usually less than a quarter of the price of a manned guard and offers an ideal solution when cabling is either impossible or cost-prohibitive.

Wireless detection and protection to enhance site security

A traditional alarm system notifies you that a sensor has activated but is unable to verify who – or what – tripped off the alarm. Our wireless video cameras send a short video clip to our alarm-receiving centre for priority response from the police, as well as a local SIA licensed security officer, to stop the intrusion and make an arrest.

Following the incident, you will receive a detailed report including video footage, attendance reports and alarm logs.

Never receive a false alarm again: you will only ever have to pay a call-out fee for a justified alarm.

Wire-free video cameras …

Millennium Security’s wireless video cameras are battery powered and use 3G/4G, avoiding the need for a land line.

The system includes a siren and strobe light, to deter intruders, and built-in infra-red lights so that cameras can operate even in complete darkness.

IP65 rated, our wireless cameras are completely weatherproof. They are also fault monitored, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

… with a headache-free service

We offer an end-to-end service. This starts with a bespoke survey by a dedicated sales manager, to understand your challenges and identify the requirements.

In addition to ongoing site management, we provide extra peace of mind through regular maintenance visits by a Millennium Security engineer, ensuring the signal continues to reach its destination at critical moments. Alterations to your wireless video camera system, such as reinstalling elsewhere on your premises or adding or removing sensors, can often be booked in with minimal notice. Many clients also choose to have CCTV cameras installed alongside.

Our no-obligation survey and installation can easily be arranged at short notice – sometimes even on the same day.

Where appropriate, all systems conform to the necessary British Standards and codes of practice and are supported by our own ISO 9001 accreditation.