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How to Secure your Small Construction Site

28/08/2018 in Security

Providing security for construction sites can be a particularly challenging task. The construction site itself is constantly changing, which makes it harder to keep everything, and everyone, in check. Not only is the site changing, but the site itself will grow in value as the project progresses. It can, therefore, be inferred that the smaller the construction site, the easier it will be to look after all of the tools and materials on that construction site. Although, this is not necessarily the case as all construction sites will require similar tools and materials to get the job done, and such tools are easily hidden and/or stowed away in a big construction site. Smaller construction sites may have less protection or may be easier to break in to without the proper deterrent and defences in place.

If you need to know how to protect your small construction sites, read on.

Good lighting

If you are a thief, nothing will put you off more than a site that is lit up like a Christmas tree. Lighting for small construction sites does not have to be that expensive either. Small construction sites may only need a few lamps to fill up the site with light and prevent thieves, whereas bigger sites are going to have to pay a considerably bigger amount.

Effective perimeter security

Basic construction site security for a small site will need a perimeter and a decent barrier. Fencing normally does the job well and is affordable. Whenever you can, it is worth trying to minimise access points by creating one main entrance point and considering stopping vehicle access to authorised employees only. This should be easy on a small site.

It would be helpful to provide parking spaces outside of the work zone for both employees and visitors. When the site in inactive, you should use heavy-duty locks to secure the gate. Only authorised personnel should have access to keys and an up-to-date list of authorised key holders should be maintained by the contractor, security guard, or security consultant.

Security cameras

Keeping track of all activities that occur at the site often provides to be challenging task for project managers, even on a small construction site. Security companies often find it difficult to come up with genuine evidence to back criminal offenses that may occur at the given construction site. So with the invention of special technological contrivances such as CCTV security systems, managing a construction site has become a lot simpler. Utilising construction CCTV on a small site can be amazingly helpful to you and your staff, it will not only let you evaluate the site and determine resource usage, but will allow you to monitor construction workers and you can use the footage as evidence in cases of theft.

See something, say something

This can be the most effect form of construction site security as criminals do not want to be seen. They rely on the idea that people, in general, tend to mind their own business. Encourage your workers to speak up if they see any unusual behaviour, no matter how insignificant it may appear, and you could save your construction site from a break-in.