Construction Site Security

Security Guard Hiring

Without effective security measures, construction sites are easy targets for thieves and vandals. From single house builds to large-scale developments, we can keep your premises and equipment safe and secure.

At Millennium Security, we provide a bespoke single point construction site security solution for all your security and health and safety requirements: from access control through to fire and security systems.

Our monitored wireless video detection systems are especially suited to construction sites where hard-wired systems would be inappropriate, impractical or too costly to install. In fact, wireless video cameras are significantly less expensive than traditional static guards and mobile patrols. Video verification not only eliminates all false alarms but also ensures priority response by the police and security officers.

Access control solutions ensure that only authorised personnel can enter and exit your construction site. We can build your biometric security system into your site or alternatively provide a stand-alone container.

The Millennium Security fire detection system is a wireless, battery-powered radio link solution that protects your premises from the unthinkable. Our system can detect heat or smoke and, like all our alarms, is monitored 24/7 by our alarm-receiving centre.

A detailed understanding of your needs

Our fire and security solutions protect your assets without having to rely on amenities such as mains power or telephone lines.

We will undertake a detailed security risk analysis, addressing any specific concerns and highlighting at-risk areas, through a bespoke survey by a dedicated sales manager.

Regular maintenance visits are carried out by a Millennium Security engineer to reassess the requirements of your developing site. This is all part of our standard building site security service and ensures your site is protected as it progresses.

Millennium Security is a leading UK provider of construction site security solutions, including biometric access controladvanced CCTV systems and other wireless technology. To protect your construction site from avoidable risks, contact us on 01234 825 522 for more information, or fill out the contact form to book a bespoke, no-obligation site survey.