Construction Site Fire Alarms

Construction Site Wireless Fire Alarms

Regardless the size of your building site or commercial premises, the need to protect them against a devastating fire has to be a top priority. To help you mitigate against the risk of damage and ensure that all personnel are safe and protected we supply and install wireless fire alarms.

Linking temporary fire alarms by cable is a source of frustration for both construction site management and fire alarm engineers. What’s more, we all know that installing the cables is one challenge but keeping them in place as work progresses is even harder.

The Millennium fire detection system provides a simple yet effective solution for clients across the UK. Our wireless, battery-powered radio link fire safety systems automatically detect heat and smoke. Our fire alarm monitoring centre also provide 24/7 surveillance for total peace of mind.

Networked Fire Alarms For Large-Scale Construction Sites

Millennium Security’s callpoints can be linked together to communicate with a single control panel. This provides advance warnings and is easy to use. It can tell you exactly which Millennium callpoint has been activated, which one is running low on battery power and whether any have become disconnected. The test function facilitates a quick weekly test procedure.

The callpoints, however, do not all need to be within range of the central control as they can simply pass the message along the line. This is ideal for large buildings and sizeable construction sites as it greatly increases the area it can cover.

Radio interlinked alarms with end-to-end service

Our fire safety service starts with a bespoke survey by one of our dedicated consultants. They seek to understand your challenges and security requirements and they oversee the delivery, installation and training of our access control security systems. to understand your challenges and identify requirements. Installation, regular maintenance checks and decommissioning are also undertaken by a Millennium Security engineer who can also easily add or remove your fire and smoke alarm units. Consider it all part of our service.

Our construction site wireless fire alarm systems comply with the Joint Code of Practice (JCOP) for the construction industry and the protection of empty buildings. This code is produced by the FPA (Fire Protection Association).