Construction Site Fire Alarms

Construction Site Wireless Fire Alarms

Every year, the construction industry faces financial losses caused by fire, through damage to property, delays in projects and higher insurance premiums. Construction sites are especially high-risk, with many potential fire hazards, due to raw materials, heavy-duty machinery and electrical wires often found on site. Moreover, without the correct fire safety precautions in place, fires can quickly spread.

Regardless of the size of your construction site or commercial premises, the need to protect against a devastating fire must be a top priority. To help mitigate against the risk of damage to property and ensure that all personnel are safe, it is beneficial to invest in a wireless fire alarm system.

Millennium Security supply and install construction site fire alarms for sites across the UK, offering a complete, end-to-end service.

Why Invest in a Wireless Fire Alarm System?

Linking temporary fire alarms by cable is a source of frustration for both construction site management and fire alarm engineers. Likewise, installing the cables is one challenge, but keeping them in place as work progresses is an even bigger one. As the project continues to develop and change, the original location of a fire alarm may no longer be suitable.

Wireless fire alarms are the best solution to overcome this hurdle, as they are cable-free and do not need to be fixed into the infrastructure of the construction site, making it very straightforward to move them around as the project progresses.

The big difference between standard fire alarms using cables and wireless fire alarms is their design. Temporary wireless alarms are designed to be adaptable and can be easily repositioned anywhere on the construction site, without having to reprogram the circuitry and reinstall the cables. There is also no risk of a worker accidentally catching on one of the wires, which is another health and safety hazard.

The Millennium fire detection system provides a simple yet effective solution for clients across the UK. Our wireless, battery-powered, radio-linked fire safety systems automatically detect heat and smoke. Our wireless fire alarm monitoring centre also provides 24/7 surveillance, ensuring total peace of mind, even when the construction site is closed.

How Can a Large-Scale Construction Site be Protected from Fire?

On larger sites, hard wiring is generally not feasible, making networked wireless radio linked alarms extremely useful. With a single control panel, you can connect multiple call points, ensuring the entire site is protected from fire.

Some construction sites are enormous, making communication difficult. With a networked wireless fire alarm, a message can be wirelessly transmitted from one side of the site to the other in just a few seconds. The call points do not even need to be within range of the central control, as they can simply pass the message along the line, which is ideal for large buildings and sizeable construction sites, as it greatly increases the area it can cover.

The networked system is easy to use and provides advance warnings, making sure that workers in each area are alerted as soon as an issue is detected. The state-of-the-art system can also tell you exactly which Millennium call point has been activated, which one is running low on battery power, and whether any have become disconnected, giving you complete operational oversight.

Moreover, the test function facilitates a quick weekly test procedure, ensuring your health and safety measures stay up-to-scratch at all times.

Radio Interlinked Fire Alarms With End-To-End Service

Our fire safety service starts with a bespoke survey by one of our dedicated consultants. They will seek to understand your challenges and security requirements and then oversee the delivery, installation, and training of our construction site fire alarm systems.

Installation, regular maintenance checks and decommissioning are undertaken by a Millennium Security engineer, who can also easily add or remove your fire and smoke alarm units as part of our end-to-end service.

Our construction site wireless fire alarm systems comply with the Joint Code of Practice (JCOP) for the construction industry and the protection of empty buildings. This code is produced by the FPA (Fire Protection Association).

Millennium Security is a leading UK provider of construction site security solutions, including biometric access control, advanced CCTV systems and other wireless technology. To protect your construction site from avoidable risks, contact us on 01234 825 522 for more information, or fill out the contact form to book a bespoke, no-obligation site survey.