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Millennium’s CCTV towers are the result of continuous development, ensuring that our product remains at the forefront of the industry. We take pride in providing exceptional quality without compromising on our commitment to a sustainable future.



  • 360-degree viewing

    With 360-degree continuous ultra-HD video monitoring, our cameras provide complete coverage of the site at all times.

  • 4G/5G data transmission

    With cutting edge data transfer technology and bespoke routers, Millennium Security towers ensure fast, secure and continuous video transmission, operating independently of local connection speeds.

  • Low Light

    The ultra-high-quality image sensors capture clear footage even in dark and unlit environments, without needing lighting.

  • Audio Deterrent

    The audio challenge speaker system warns intruders during an incident that a guard is sent as well as police being called.

  • 6m Telescopic Mast

    The telescopic mast enables excellent coverage whilst preventing camera tampering.

  • Viewing Range 40-200m

    With bespoke configuration, we can alter the range on our cameras from 40 to 200 metres.

  • AI – deep learning

    Our intelligent analytics (deep learning) minimise false alarms and unwanted activation, therefore eliminating unnecessary call out charges.

  • Remote access+ app

    The free smart app allows our customers real-time monitoring of their sites 24/7 and easy playback on recordings.

  • 4k video

    Our footage can be saved in 4k definition, furthering evidence gathering during an incident.

  • Intrusion detection

    Our masking technology draws a virtual perimeter protecting the key areas and eliminating alarm activations outside of it.

  • Storage

    Storage is no issue; the footage has fully rewindable options.

  • NSI Gold Response team

    All our systems are monitored by NSI accredited Gold standard control rooms ensuring every alarm is dealt with to the highest standards.

  • Visually imposing

    Millennium’s CCTV tower has an intimidating design that acts as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders. Plus, it’s built to be highly resistant to vandalism.

  • Eco friendly

    With the carbon neutral solar powered option, our towers assist your projects with carbon reduction rating and ESG scores.

  • 3 power options

    Our Solar, mains or hybrid powered towers provide flexibility and reliability to suit all your needs, regardless of power options available on site.

  • Rapid and hassle free

    Contrary to traditional CCTV systems, the stand-alone tower unit does not require detailed on-site installation or enabling works. As such, it can also be easily moved at a later stage in your project.

Key Info


Why protect a site with towers


Studies have shown that in the UK, the construction industry annually loses approximately £800,000,000 due to vandalism and theft. This figure includes the loss of items, cost of replacement, labour time lost as a direct consequence, and the increases in insurance premiums.

Suffice it to say that most contractors do endeavour to keep their site compounds secure with fencing and padlocks, but clearly, it does not deter most “experienced” criminals.

So given there’s very much a financial reason for looking at security systems, the question remains “which one?” Recommendations should always be made after a thorough consultation process to which the site survey is ideally suited.

Another thing to bear in mind, aside from power supply or cost, is that some camera systems are “tucked away” either by location or simply because they’re so small. This sadly reduces the deterrent effect they could have on potential trespassers.

Having a visually striking and imposing tower with cameras sitting on top of a 6-meter mast with a speaker does send a very clear signal; trespasser beware, there are definitely security measures in place in this area -and not just because a sign on a fence panel says so.

Furthermore, with the high-quality imagery fed 24/7 to our monitoring station, a fast response team to act on all alarm activations, and a supply of follow-on reports keeping you informed, your site will be in safe hands with Millennium Security’s Rapid Deployment Towers.

Clear imaging against strong backlight due to 140 dB WDR technology


The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology improves a camera’s image quality when both dimly and brightly lit areas are present in its field of view. For decades, a key feature of the best security cameras is WDR. This technology takes an optimized low light and an optimized high light shot and merges them together into one image to prevent any shadows from being too dark.

Excellent low-light performance via DarkFighter technology


Aspherical lenses are used to reduce image aberrations compared to conventional cameras with spherical lenses. Since the aspherical lens has a free-form surface, it improves light transmittance and therefore enhances image brightness at night. By combining these lenses with cutting-edge software, our cameras can see in colour what others cannot, even under the worst lighting conditions.

Anti-IR reflection bubble guarantees image quality


During night-time, cameras emit IR light in all directions to capture clear images. Lightproof rings are placed inside the dome cover of conventional dome cameras to prevent IR light from entering directly into the lens. But even with that in place, some of the IR light still enters the lens after reflecting in the bubble wall. As a result, those lights enter the sensor and make the image dim. If there’s dust or water on the bubble, then IR reflection problem gets even more serious. Obvious white spots appear on the image, strongly reducing the image quality.

As a solution, the Anti-IR reflection adds a black U-shape lightproof loop on the bubble, which can effectively absorb the reflected IR light, thus drastically improving the quality of the images.



Our solar towers offer a comprehensive all-in-one security solution without the need to connect to a generator or mains power. As a result you save fuel.

Additionally, the Millennium Tower is truly eco-friendly as there are no fuel cells or generators to power.

On top of that, Millennium has been certified as Carbon Neutral, so any carbon footprint our other products or business practices create, is offset with the investments in projects that advance ecological, economic, and social benefits around the world.

Water and dust resistant (IP67)


IP stands for “Ingress Protection” and serves as the International Protection Marking. If a product has an IP67 rating, that indicates it is “waterproof.” The 6 indicates “complete protection against dust over extended time” as well as “protection against contact with objects greater than 1mm in diameter, such as a wire or a small tool.” The 7 indicates the system is “protected against short periods of immersion in water while under pressure between 15cm and 1m.” IP67 products offer a greater degree of protection than those with IP65 or IP66 ratings, both of which are merely “water-resistant.” “Water-resistant” means that the system protects against water entrance to a degree, but it does not offer complete protection.

Vandal proof (IK10)


IK10 is the highest measurement rating for protection from physical damage for security camera products using the international standard IEC 62262 scale. This effectively means the cameras are protected against 20 joules of impact, which is the equivalent of the impact of a 5kg mass dropped from 400mm above the impacted surface.

Access to your system; anywhere, anytime


With our towers, we offer a free app for both Apple and Android devices so that you can remotely monitor the cameras on your site. Furthermore, the app allows you to download video feeds as well as play them back. It is intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

Add-ons or bespoke options


Because we manufacture our own towers, we can cater for customised builds if you should have unique enquiries or special circumstances arising. If you are interested in, for instance, an upgrade to 8K definition, Timelapse or infrared cameras, please give us a call to discuss.

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Customer Excellence


Free site surveys on quotes


Given we firmly believe that excellent customer service relies on accurate and trustworthy advice, we decided to offer our site surveys free of charge – without any conditions or obligations attached.

You can be sure that the advice will be specifically tailored to the needs of your project since our skilled engineers and sales managers have a sharp eye for spotting places that pose a danger and always take the time to explain this to site operatives and other stakeholders.



You may wonder why the industry calls them “rapid deployable towers”.

Firstly, they’re fast to install; All Millennium Towers are fitted with 4G (and 5G ready), meaning we can set up the tower without any need to tap into your infrastructure. Similarly, the solar powered tower requires no enabling works of any kind and can simply be deployed on your site without any impact on your site operatives’ workday.

Even if you opt for the mains or hybrid tower, we’ll ensure all connectors or plugs have been prepped so the tower is in effect a “plug and play” solution.

Secondly, they’re also fast in terms of contract-to-install time. Our average installation time, after the contract has been agreed, is 2 working days.

Free Site health checks


Millennium Security schedules regular health checks of all security systems as an integral part of our customer care package. Our engineers will clean and maintain the cameras, check the individual components, and ascertain whether the tower is still in the optimal position. Working with your site managers and taking recent and upcoming developments into account, our engineers will provide detailed information if your site’s specific needs require additional equipment or a completely different security solution going forward. As such, these health checks provide ongoing expert advice, so Millennium keeps your sites secure.

These health checks are scheduled every 4-6 weeks and are free of charge.

Monitoring and responding


The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) approval is the hallmark of excellence for providers of security and fire safety services. We use an NSI GOLD-accredited monitoring station with cutting-edge technology to manage all alerts and threats fielded by an expert team of qualified responders.

The Gold accreditation guarantees clients of a consistent, unparalleled service enabling maximum protection from risks, with ongoing investments in processes, equipment, and systems as the capacity of surveillance evolves.

Reporting and assistance


After every call out by a response team, you will receive a full report from us consisting of the following:

Video feed detailing the activation of the alarm(s), a complete time log on the events, and the responder’s report regarding the call out. These reports are primarily sent to clients for information, but the documents can also be very useful in the event of a break-in that requires the police or insurance company to be involved.

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