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How Can I Maintain My Construction Site Security

21/03/2019 in Security

Setting up everything you need for your construction site security is just the first step in making sure that your construction site is secure. The hardest part is to then maintain your security to make sure that all areas of your site are as theft-proof as they can possibly be at all times.

With multiple access points, unverified entries, heavy daytime traffic and an abandoned-by-night feel, some sites can seem like a gold mine to potential criminals. You can’t lock up all of your valuable equipment inside a structure that hasn’t been built yet, but you can utilise what security techniques you do already have to prevent this from happening.

If you would like to learn how to maintain your construction site security, read on.

Always replace old locks and fix holes in fences

Being able to recognise when a lock is getting old is important when trying to prevent thieves from accessing a controlled area. Old and rusty locks are easily broken and allow criminals an easy way on to any construction sites. Making sure that all of your locks are fresh and new will stop people from being able to break them. It’s also important that you fix all perimeter issues your construction site may have. Even one hole in a fence can lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage or loss. Check all fences and locks and least once a week to make sure none have been tampered with or lost.

Make sure you are using the latest technology

As well as making sure that all of your physical security is as modern and new as possible, it is just as important that all of your technology is updated and modern too. Easily hackable or outdated software and technology can be a big problem for security sites. If you are not keeping up to date with the latest security techniques, thieves will be able to take advantage of it. It is important to invest in security access systems and wireless CCTV so that your entire site is protected.

Utilise lighting to deter criminals

One of the biggest ways you can maintain your security and deter criminals from stealing any of your equipment is by making sure that your site is constantly lit up like a Christmas tree. If every corner of your site can be easily seen and there are no dark spots for criminals to make use of, they will be less likely to try and break in and more likely to be spotted by someone or by CCTV if they do.

Store valuables in containers

Thefts on construction sites usually leave the site with stolen materials and equipment that has to then be replaced. Therefore, when all workers have gone home for the night, you’ll want to make sure that all of your valuables are locked up, secure and out-of-sight.

Containers can be a great solution to keep items safe and avoid robberies. As they’ve been built for transporting goods overseas, they’re extremely tough and durable, as they’ve had to withstand incredibly bad conditions.