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Construction Site CCTV – Not Just for Crime Prevention

29/04/2019 in Security

CCTV is one of the most cost-effective and versatile security measures out there, and while it might primarily be used as a means to protect against and prevent crime, there are plenty of other important uses for it too. From health and safety protocols and fire prevention, to training and police assistance – the benefits of utilising CCTV on construction sites are wide-ranging.

Read more to discover six key reasons to invest in CCTV on your construction site.

Continuous monitoring

Construction site CCTV allows the 24/7 monitoring of a site, even when it is unoccupied. These modern systems can provide extremely detailed footage, helping users to quickly identify any dangers, or other potential problems, such as trespassers who should not have access. Once a suspected issue is picked up by the system, an automatic alarm or notification can alert the user so they can act swiftly.

It is, therefore, easy to see why 24/7 CCTV monitoring is highly beneficial for site managers who might have multiple construction sites to oversee at any time.

Health and safety

Health and safety compliance continues to be a major challenge faced by construction site managers, especially since there are many potential threats present on a site at any given time. Having robust CCTV systems installed ensures hazards can be identified in real-time and immediately addressed.

If an accident does take place, the footage captured by the CCTV camera can be used to help support accident reports, or during a legal dispute where an injury might have occurred on the site.

Fire protection

The presence of flammable substances, temporary electrical equipment and wooden structures, means that there are many possible fire hazards found on the average construction site. Construction site fire alarms and smoke detectors are certainly essential for reducing risks, but CCTV can also be adopted to help add an extra layer of protection.

Using CCTV to monitor what is taking place on the site at all times means you are able to spot the early signs of a fire before it is too late. If a fire has already started, the presence of CCTV monitoring also means there is more time to get the fire under control before it can cause significant damage or injury.

Preventing false claims

For small businesses, a personal injury claim can cause immeasurable damage, both in terms of financial costs and reputation. Having CCTV installed site-wide means constant monitoring, which helps protect your business from exaggerated or false claims. If a false claim is made, CCTV can help provide evidence of what really happened, allowing you to better protect your company’s name and the businesses’ overall bottom line.


The footage captured by CCTV can be used to help train present and future construction site workers on how to, or how not to, carry out their jobs. If poor behaviour is captured, it can also be used to demonstrate the types of conduct that are deemed unacceptable on the site, which can lead to disciplinary action.

Assisting the police

Of course, CCTV is predominantly used as a crime prevention measure, particularly as it was recorded as the number-one deterrent for criminals. That being said, even with the presence of CCTV, some crimes do take place.

If a crime does occur, the footage captured during a construction site theft, arson attack or vandalism attempt, can be used to assist the police in their investigation. If taken to court, the video evidence may also be utilised to prove that those involved were in a certain place at a certain time, or that the offence in question has occurred.