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Security Solutions that Work Well Together

23/05/2019 in Security

There are some circumstances in which one security solution, for instance, CCTV, is sufficient enough to adequately protect a site against crime, particularly for small sites or those where manned guards are always present. That being said, for larger, busier construction sites, or those where guards are not being deployed out-of-hours, a multifaceted security plan is normally necessary, which includes the site-wide installation of several different measures. When used in conjunction with one another, these security solutions are highly effective in protecting people and assets.

We discuss which security solutions go hand-in-hand and should, therefore, be utilised together, in order to maximise the effectiveness and overall security on a construction site.

CCTV and Access Control

For larger sites and those with a significant number of people coming and going at any given time, there is no more logical security relationship than CCTV and access control systems. Combining these solutions on your site not only means that only those with the correct method of access (for instance, smart CSCS cards) can gain entry, but it also deters those who might attempt to enter.

Having both installed means a reduction in crime and trespassing, through continuous monitoring of entry and exit points, whilst also upholding health and safety standards, by ensuring only those with the correct accreditations can enter the construction site.

Fire alarms and CCTV

Fires are a constant threat within construction sites, since they are often rife with potential hazards. There are many measures site managers should be taking in order to prevent fire, but investing in technology is by far the most effective method.

CCTV may prove effective in allowing those who are monitoring footage to spot the early signs of a fire, before it can get out of control. Once a fire is present, construction site fire alarms are able to detect heat and smoke, helping warn those on site so that they can follow the relevant fire safety evacuation procedures.

Remote Monitoring and CCTV

Having remote monitoring installed alongside a CCTV system has many benefits – the primary being the prevention of crime. The systems work seamlessly together, providing round-the-clock coverage, even when nobody is present on the construction site itself. If any suspicious activity is detected within the live CCTV footage, the remote monitoring system will send an automatic alert to the relevant people, normally connected via a smart device, who can take the necessary action.

Thus, when used together, swift and rapid responses can be taken in order to thwart crimes, such as theft, arson or vandalism. Likewise, their presence may also deter trespassers or squatters from attempting to enter the site.

Wireless video, CCTV and manned guards

Wireless video detection is used to rapidly respond to crimes taking place, alerting the police quickly in order to apprehend the trespassers. SIA manned guards, who are also licensed to stop an intrusion, can be utilised alongside the technology, and will only ever be called out when a justified alarm takes place.

Many construction sites make use of CCTV systems in conjunction with wireless video, providing a sophisticated level of security and total peace of mind.