A Guide to CCTV Maintenance

16/07/2019 in Security

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a crucial part of your construction site’s security system. It is a worthwhile investment in a construction security company to protect your construction site, deter thieves and employee safety.

Construction sites are consistently changing as they move through the different development phases; the current setup of your construction site CCTV will need to be reviewed and adjusted to suit the changing layout of the construction site and the locations of your assets. This is where regular cctv maintenance comes in.

The Importance of CCTV Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, and frequently monitoring your surveillance system allows you to maintain the functionality of the cameras. Maintaining your CCTV system is essential to avoid premature breakdown, which could ultimately leave your construction site vulnerable and leave you with substantial replacement bills.

Keeping a record log of maintenance works helps when you are trying to make a claim on your insurance – in the event of damages and losses to your construction site. They will be more inclined to cover your losses if you keep on top of your construction site security camera maintenance.

CCTV Maintenance Checklist

Follow through the steps on the checklist to safeguard and maintain your surveillance system appropriately and to ensure that your CCTV system is running on an operational status:

Camera Lens

The main thing to check for and avoid with the camera lens is causes and potential causes of obstruction, which will limit the view of the camera.

  • Check that nothing is obscuring the field of view of the lens and adjust if necessary
  • Keep the camera clean to prevent any build-up of dust that could prohibit the device performance
  • Check the focus and ensure that the camera’s functions are working (i.e. pan our and zoom)
  • Clean any marks off, as build-up will lead to eventual view obstruction
  • Ensure that any foliage is trimmed back
  • Check that the cameras are firmly attached to the post or wall
  • If your CCTV has motion detection, check that they are working


Conduct a visual inspection of all major components on your CCTV, including connections & cabling for signs of deterioration or damage.

  • Check for any loose wires, exposed or fraying wires and cables, and general wear and tear
  • Check the image quality and ensure that you are getting a clear transmission of the pictures and not hearing any distortion with the sound
  • Check that the power supply to the device is working

Control Equipment

Check that all the elements of the CCTV control equipment, such as monitors, switches, VCR, DVR, and Multiplexer, are functioning sufficiently.

  • Check that the quality of the image on the monitor is clear and the brightness and contrast settings are adjusted correctly
  • Remove any grime and dust build-up on the monitors and control panels
  • Check that cables on the control equipment are not damaged, deteriorating or have any weak connection points
  • Check that the monitor is displaying the correct date and time stamp

CCTV is an important safeguard that cannot be undervalued. If the proper security measures are not implemented, construction sites are more susceptible to the possibility of a break-in and theft. A CCTV surveillance system is only as good as the maintenance and upkeep it is given, so if you take the time to check your CCTV cameras every few months, it could save you a lot of hassle in the future.

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