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Benefits of remote CCTV monitoring for construction site security

28/07/2022 in Security

As construction sites become increasingly complex and challenging to manage, remote CCTV monitoring provides a powerful solution for keeping your site secure.

Construction sites can be seen as an easy target for crime, especially those without security measures in place. Crime statistics for construction sites reveal that 92% of construction industry professionals in the UK experience theft every year. A further 91% report vandalism to their sites.

Construction site owners across the country are searching for complex security solutions yet neglecting one of the most important parts of site security: CCTV.

Construction site CCTV is one of the simplest and most effective ways to deter criminals and safeguard your site. Read on to learn more about remote CCTV monitoring and how it can keep your site safe.


What is remote monitoring CCTV?

CCTV monitoring is a construction site security solution which uses cameras to watch over a business, commercial property, or home.

Most CCTV systems can be connected to the internet so that they can be monitored by a security station even when no one is on the premises.

This connection can be live 24/7 or only switched on at set times.


How does remote CCTV monitoring work?

CCTV remote monitoring works by sending an alarm to a remote monitoring station in real-time if an intruder, fire, or other unusual activity is detected by your security system.

Remote CCTV monitoring is generally event-activated, so when an alarm is answered, footage from your CCTV cameras is routed directly to an operator’s monitoring screen within seconds.

Most sites use multiple CCTV for construction sites to view the site from different angles, which is an essential step in ensuring intruders cannot hide in any blind spots.

If suspicious activity is spotted, the operator will take immediate action, notify a key holder for your site, and call emergency services. As the operator has visually verified the alarm, there will be added credibility to the call, which is crucial in protecting police URNs and prioritising an emergency response.

Remote CCTV monitoring also allows security cameras to be moved and manipulated remotely, minimising the risk of blind spots.

Why is remote CCTV monitoring a good choice for construction site security?

There are plenty of security options available for your construction site, so why choose CCTV?

Monitoring CCTV cameras are the simplest and best way to keep your construction site secure and an essential part of your construction site security plan.

Remote viewing of CCTV is essential to site security in two ways: prevention of crime and response to crime.

As a preventative measure, CCTV  acts as a visual deterrent to potential criminals since it acts as a visual and physical reminder that someone is watching. If criminals know that their actions are being monitored, they are less likely to attempt to break into the site or commit other crimes.

CCTV operators witnessing an incident can also issue live audio warnings, which have been proven to be very effective in stopping potential intruders and incidents from progressing further.

The operator will also notify pre-authorized keyholders of the premises and emergency first responders if necessary. The fact that a trained operator with access to remote viewing of CCTV has assessed the detected incident and verified that it is occurring in real-time adds credibility and could affect the priority of response given by emergency services.

As a retrospective response to an incident, CCTV footage is essential to help police officers identify criminals. If a crime is committed, the footage can be reviewed to help identify the perpetrator and quickly resolve the situation.

Remote viewing of CCTV can also be used to monitor activities on the construction site itself. This can help to ensure that workers are following safety protocols and that equipment is being used properly, ensuring that workers are kept safe.


How can I be sure that CCTV is suitable for my construction site?

Our construction site security services can tailor the installation of a remote CCTV monitoring system to the specific needs of each construction site, making them a highly effective security measure.

Cameras can be placed at key points throughout the site, such as entrances and exits, to monitor activity. We can work with you to plan the best location for your security cameras, ensuring the most extensive coverage possible.


How can Millennium Security Services help me keep my site secure with remote CCTV monitoring?

At Millennium Security, we provide comprehensive site security solutions that can help you deter criminals and keep your property safe. We have years of experience in CCTV surveillance, and our team of experts can help you set up a comprehensive remote control CCTV camera network to keep your site secure.

We are a construction site security company that offers various other services, including SIA licensed security guards, wireless video monitoring and a range of access control systems. With the help of our expert team, our complete, end-to-end service will ensure that your construction site is secure and protected.


Contact us today at 01234 825 522 to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.